New York City Marathon AirBnB

Accommodations can make and break any vacation. For runners, it is the start and finish to every race and #runairbnb was created around the idea of catering to these athletes. To celebrate the NYC marathon; UNDO, teamed up with Airbnb to celebrate the journey of runners from all over the world. UNDO was asked to provide programming, participants and perspective that would host a global community and drive brand awareness.

We stuck to our roots. Authenticity is key when approaching fitness and sport activations. We get it because we live by it. Through this exchange of energy we have gathered a thorough list of creative contributors who we sourced to outfit this experience.

To start off the event we held a 50 person, 6-mile run through one of the lesser known yet scenic areas in the five boroughs and ended the night with unlimited food and drinks. From then on, we created five different celebration experiences in each borough of New York City, all within five days of the big race. We delivered entertainment, food, and promotional assets as well as hosted all each event.

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