Brian Tampol

Photographer—Los Angeles

Brian Tampol crafts and creates lush, vivid, visual experiences within the fields of fashion and commerce. His work is meticulous, inspired, and wholly based around conceptual and peculiar creativity. He wears the hat of a creative director specializing in photography and set design. Serving the fashion, sports, food & beverage, and music industries. His goal is to bridge art and commerce through his work.
Clients include: Adidas Originals, The North Face, The NBA, Puma, New Era, Spashbox Cosmetics, Kswiss, BAPE, ICNY, Publish Brand, Embellish NYC, Afters Ice Cream, Tobi,com, Eggslut, Creative Recreation, Cycle Media, 20th Century Fox, LRG, Pistola Denim, Peppertint Eyewear, Finishline, Reebok, Keen Footwear, Haus of Jr, Nyden, Lifted Anchors, Complex Magazine, Bud Light, Beats by Dre, Net-A-Porter

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