K-Swiss Heritage Collection

Identify key influencers for KSwiss to seed and collaborate on creating original content to create buzz around hashtag. UNDO Lab managed all project management, communication and production of creative assets shared on social. We tracked all the digital recap and engagement on all files. Deliverables include 30 original creative assets developed by brand-related influencers.

The Ask
Our past defines us and there is power when we harness our past and experiences. Looking back into their archives, KSwiss brings back their heritage classics to celebrate their roots in sportswear and culture.
How We Delivered
Kswiss partners with UNDO Lab to identify key creative entrepreneurs, culture leaders & creators in whose platforms speaks to the streets. From artists to dancers to fashion designers, UNDO Lab’s diverse community rocks the latest looks from KSwiss’s heritage collection.
The Results
Over 20+ products and 40+ stories told through instagram, KSwiss’s heritage collection has reached over 400,000+ impressions. Focused on the entrepreneurial spirit of the hustle, UNDO Lab weaves together a collection stories that disrupt the status quo.

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