“YBL Conference speaker Nai Vasha talks to AGEIST about her wellness                 publication and the importance of intergenerational communities.”

           — Nai Vasha on UNDO Magazine’s Age Issue
                May 8, 2019

        “For this installment, we spoke with illustrator and designer, Sophia Chang. In         addition to running her own agency, she’s also a contributor for UNDO-                    Ordinary, a health and wellness platform designed for creatives.”

            —That's 5: WHM | Sophia Chang
                March 15, 2019

        “She's the founder of UNDO-Ordinary, a lifestyle magazine providing fitness             tips, classes, and more.”

            —35 Women of Color Making Moves in Health and Wellness You Need to Follow Right Now
                February 8, 2019

        “Today’s best sports and fitness magazines — identified by bold and clean               designs, progressive typefaces and hefty paper stocks — are gunning for a             full-time spot on your coffee table.”

            —7 Fitness Magazines Worthy of Your Coffee Table
                October 4, 2018

        “She's the brilliant mind behind the creative direction of Undo-Ordinary                     magazine, Miguel's ‘Kaleidoscope Dreams’ album, art pieces for Puma and               regular projects for Stussy.”

            —Meet Undo-Ordinary’s Co-Founder | MISSBISH Nai Vasha
                September 2

        “Illustrator Sophia Chang has one helluva resume. Sophia sees wellness as a           passion project with her brand UNDO-Ordinary, sponsoring events, yoga                 sessions, and cooking classes.”

            — Illustrator Sophia Chang Talks to Us About Side Hustles, Receipts, and the Secret to Her Top Knot
                December 29, 2017

        “As an expert in health and wellness Nai Vasha partners with designer Sophia         Chang to curate UNDO-Ordinary, a fitness and lifestyle magazine targeted at         presenting a healthy living for urban millennials.”

            — Nai Vasha Is On A Mission To Make You Get Off Your iPhone And Move

        “Designed and packaged by creatives, it ‘blurs the lines between fitness and           fashion,’ and does a great job of highlighting the importance of staying                     healthy.”

            — Building A Brand And Staying Authentic With Designer Sophia Chang
                February 16, 2017


        “First launched in 2014, UNDO is a quarterly health and lifestyle magazine               that celebrates and unites the trailblazing ideas and visions of both                           passionate artists and athletes alike.”

            — Meet Nai Vasha: Co-Founder of Health and Lifestyle Magazine 'UNDO'
                August 25, 2016

        “The quest is to continually find that something new and cool.”

            — Zine Scene: Franchise / UNDO / Shoes Master & Meter
                May 27, 2016

        “Nai Vasha is here to tell you not to settle.” 

            — The Insider: Nai Vasha
                October 29, 2015

        “My to do list has one thing on it: do epic shit.”

            — NYC's Hottest Trainer 2015 Contestant #11: Robin Arzon, Peloton
                August 17, 2015

        “Founded by a corporate lawyer turned fitness journalist Robin Arzon and               ultra marathoner Nai Vasha, UNDO Magazine teams up with a band of some           of the most creative minds – including illustrator/designer Sophia Chang – to           curate a one-of-a-kind publication.”

            — UNDO-Ordinary: Where Fashion Meets Sport

        “It's called Undo, and its steel-eyed message is to Undo-Ordinary.” 

            — Your Undoing
                December 30, 2014

        “Fresh from the press, UNDO Magazine premieres its inaugural issue                         exposing a healthy lifestyle of fashion, fitness, art and community.”

            — UNDO Magazine Issue 01
                August 1, 2014

        “There are running clubs, and then there are uber-cool running clubs.”

            — The Coolest Running Clubs in NYC
                June 11, 2014

        “On Saturday, September 21, 2013 Resident Runners and NYC fitness /                     running / all-around stylin' group Undo-Ordinary linked up for some "72nd                 Heat" - a collaborative upper west side run.”

            — UNDO-Ordinary x Resident Runners 72nd Heat Upper West Side Run At West NYC
                September 23, 2013

        “They believe in sweat, a healthy lifestyle and blurring the lines between                   fitness + fashion.”

            — UNDO-Ordinary

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