Reebok ComplexCon Dinner

Our community is what drives us. Reebok invites undo to host a dinner and bring together their global community of tastemakers and creatives. During a pivotal time in sportswear, reebok collaborated with UNDO to curate and lend its ear to streets of what’s really happening in the world of culture.

An intimate and productive evening was created to bring together stories and experiences to spark new discussion and direction of creating. Held at in a beautifully intimate private restaurant in beverly hills, los angeles, UNDO invited established creatives to share a meal and dive into a moderated conversation of culture, fashion and what's next amongst industry leaders.

Our goal was to establish human memories and create moments that allow brands to connect with cultural leaders outside the algorithm. Facilitating thought-provoking discussion that instilled values weighed perfectly with each guest, UNDO brought together old and new friends to share what’s happening in their respective

communities and industries.

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