International Womens Day 2016 x SweetGreen West Hollywood

To celebrate international women’s day of running, undo teamed up with sweetgreen to bring flavor to the streets of Hollywood with a Run and Circuit Training.
Undo’s core values pay reverence to the power of strong individuals everywhere. We ascend rounded up the able-bodied and athletic to sweetgreen on sunset blvd. For a citified workout that required all the tenets of exercise: strength, fortitude, and finesse. Through the struggle, differences - size, gender, ability - homogenized into unity. With the help of sweegreen, we were able to reward our warriors with complimentary meals. Nothing sweeter.
Over 30 athletes from all walks of life came together to celebrate international women’s day, the undo spirit, and themselves. They collectively pushed themselves to the brink, celebrated with a delicious meal, and expanded their minds with past issues of undo magazine.

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