Come Talk To We @ The Springs LA

Motivated by the tensions of the 2017 Election, UNDO started a conversation series titled 'Come Talk To We' (inspired by Jodeci) that aims to bring our community together to talk. Each month we bring our family, friends, clients together to discuss a topic of choice.  UNDO founders Nai Vasha and Sophia Chang moderate the dialogue within an open room.

Our goal is to break the algorithm and expand human interaction beyond the internet. Unlike a traditional panel where a few select panelists talk and everyone listens, we celebrate inclusivity of all voices within the entire room. The room engages in popcorn-style dialogue led by different topics. We created a space where our viral voices can be heard as an in-person celebration.

This is where our community can come, sit down, chat, and even network. We believe that the more we can bring diverse thoughts together, the more we can expand our perspectives outside our linear feeds.

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