UNDO Cross-Country US Tour 2015

Undo tour was on the road to defy odds and test limits. Focused on results, our group of travelers ventured on a 21 city, cross country tour, capturing every moment of this effort as they not only test their physical endurance, but their creative efficiency. Each traveler made a personal goal for diet, nutrition, and exercise. The essence of the film is in the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual transformation each traveler will inevitably go through individual and collectively. We invite the national UNDO community to meet the team of travelers at any point or leg of the trip and experience this epic journey together.

In each city and state along our tour, we documented our experiences and interacting with the community. Aimed to spread the personal growth and successes of our community, from their city to our social platform.

Brand Partners:
Health Warrior
Asteria Active 

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