@adidasNYC Social

The Ask
In 2016, adidas launched its @adidasnyc social account to cater to new york city, the trendsetting capital of the world. They wanted to connect with local influencers to tell an honest story from that represented real New York voices and interests.
The Project
The we ascend team curated and executed a collection of women’s fitness focused content for the entire month of February. Our team produced and directed photo shoots with models and artists with our UNDO collective. The content created was multi-dimensional, encompassing everything from illustration to animation. We wanted to create a new and engaging visual experience for @adidasnyc’s followers.
The Result
Our team reported a dramatic increase in engagement and interactive brand awareness in New York. Breaking up the visual grid and employing different language allowed us to tell a unique story catered to nyc audiences during wintertime. Spirited in captivating art, dynamic photography and acute juxtaposition, we gave new life to the fitness periodical and its instagram channel.

How It Looked on Digital

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